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Hello Richmond Emmaus Community,

The Richmond Emmaus Board of Directors would like to take this time to wish you belated Happy New Year wishes and let you know what’s happening as we enter 2023.

As the New Year has approached us, we would like to thank these Board Members that have completed their terms of service, Lori Alford, Cody Dedmon, Chris Grogan, and Anne Moseley. Thank you to for dedicating your time and serving on the Board.

We would like to welcome these new Board Members and are excited to serve with you this upcoming year: Sue Gattis, Gaston Andrews. Steve Snodgrass, Ned Hood.

We would also like to thank Sandy Livingston for leading our Board and Community in 2022 and pointing our focus toward renewal, as we continued to navigate COVID issues early in the year and accomplished our main goal of resuming our Walk weekends this past October with the men’s walk R135 and the women’s walk R136. The first men’s and women’s walks in 2 1⁄2 years.

As we enter 2023, the Board and Community should look to continue the momentum and stay the course created last year by trusting God to guide us as we as a community continue to move forward.

Board Member Officers for 2023:

CLD: Kenny Miller

ACLD: Ned Hood

Advising to CLD: Sandy Livingston

Secretary: Juliana Paradie

Treasurer: Kathy Lafoon

CSD: Mark Rooks

We have four walks scheduled this year at the Virginia Nazarene Camp & Retreat Center:

R137 March 9-12, 2023 (men’s)

R138 March 23-26, 2023 (women’s)

R139 September 21-24, 2023 (men’s)

R140 October 5-8, 2023 (women’s)

The men’s team started their teaming on January 6th. The women’s team will begin teaming on January 13th. The men’s team is being led by Clyde Lessard, and the women’s team by Margaret Braddy.

Our first Gathering of 2023 will be this Saturday, January 14Th at Bon Air United Methodist Church, starting at 6:00pm.

May you and your family be blessed this year and we look forward to seeing you at our January Gathering this Saturday.

De Colores,

Kenny Miller (R96)

2023 Community Lay Director