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The Richmond Emmaus Community Board is pleased to announce the following slate of nominees to join the 3-year class beginning January, 2023:


Gaston Andrews

Margaret Braddy

Ned Hood

Sue Gattis

Steve Snodgrass (Clergy/SD nominee)


The slate of nominees will be voted upon by the Community members present at our November 12, 2022 Gathering.


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Welcome to the online home of the Richmond, Virginia Emmaus Community! Here, you can learn more about the worldwide Emmaus movement, view our schedule of activities, and get to know the Richmond Community better.

Here is a quick guide to the Richmond Emmaus Community’s website:


About EmmausHere you’ll find information on the worldwide Emmaus movement, this year’s Community leadership and Governing Board, and guiding policies for the Community.

NewsUpdates are posted on the Bulletin Board page.

Calendar— This is a month-view of scheduled events such as Walks and Gatherings and the daily prayer. (This information is also available via the Calendar-at-a-Glance tool.)

FormsHere are application forms for pilgrims, Sponsor or Teams.

Walks & Training — Here is information on upcoming walks and Fourth Day Training, as well as a searchable table for previous walks and team members.   Online Giving and payments can be completed HERE

Reunion Groups— This is a listing of current RVA reunion tables, grouped geographically.

Contact Us / Linksby our postal address or the available online form and links to the Upper Room Emmaus Website and other sites of interest.



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