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Happy Belated New Year to the Richmond Emmaus Community,


As I began to pray about stepping into this position with the Richmond Emmaus Board, I was very hesitant to accept this position as Community Lay Director. Because I, like many of us, felt very unqualified to hold this role in our community. God reminded me of the words that were spoken to me as my cross and lanyard were presented to me on Richmond #77. “Christ is counting on you” to which our response was “And I am counting on Christ”.


It caused me to question if Christ could fully count on me. I work 40 hours a week and I rely so heavily on Christ in all things. I was convicted that perhaps that if I wasn’t part of the solution, I was part of the problem. Could Christ fully count on me? With all the busyness we all seem to experience is Christ fully able to count on us, as individuals, as the body of Christ, as a community of believers…….


I would like to thank Kenny Miller for his leadership this past year, as well as those Board members who finished their term on the Board in December. Welcome to new Board members, and a thank you to those who will continue their service this next year. I am very excited to work with each of you to reach new goals and continue to strengthen and grow the Emmaus community.


I encourage our community to help in this endeavor by your sponsorship, participation in gatherings and Fourth Day activities, Teaming, Reunion Groups and wherever you are feeling God’s calling in this community.


Reminders of upcoming walks:

Richmond #141- Men’s Walk – (2/29 - 3/3)

Richmond #142- Women’s Walk – (3/14 – 3/17)

I hope to see you all at Bon Air UMC for gathering Saturday, January 13th @ 6:00 pm.


Christ is counting on You!


Sarah Zammett R#77

Community Lay Director 2024