Walks & Training

Upcoming Walks will be held at:

Virginia Nazarene Camp, 1151 High School Road, Buckingham, VA 23921

R-135 (Men’s): Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2022




Rob Heare – WLD – Perseverance

Elmo Dawson – AWLD – Priority

Mike Waguespack – HS – Fourth Day

Bob Lawrence – OAHS

Matt Towler – IAHS – Growth Through Study

Spencer Dillard – HSD – Means of Grace

Mark Rooks – SD – Prevenient Grace, Sanctifying Grace,

Roger Toler – SD – Justifying Grace, Obstacles to Grace

Pat Waguespack – SSS – Priesthood of All Believers

Clyde Lessard – BR

Bob Oblinsky – CS

Andy Melchert – TRS – Life of Piety

Sam Rooks – HMD – Body of Christ

Jim Attaway – AMD

Buddy Whitfield – AMD

Alan Gattis – AMD

Ralph Hollingsworth – FS

Russ Holland – FS – Changing Our World

Ron Appenzeller – FS

Brian Thomas TL – Christian Action – Table of Jonah

Glenn Kerr ATL – Discipleship – Table of Jonah

Mike Patterson – TL – Table of Matthew

Garrett Towler – ATL – Table of Matthew

Robbie Passaro – TL – Table of Solomon

Arthur Smith – ATL – Table of Solomon

Ron Edmunds – TL – Table of John

Bryan Lane – ATL – Table of John




Chris Benonis – Bethia UMC – Jill Jones

Hank Kuhlman – Community West Church – Sam & Robin Rooks

Paul Smith – Hopewell UMC – Bob Moseley

Chad Robinson – Matoaca Christian Fellowship – Ralph Clay

Houston Baker – Ivey Memorial UMC – Carlene Edwards

John Gilliam – Parham Road Baptist – Spencer Dillard

Dan Baker – Woodlake UMC – April Moore

Marcdonald Nalovu – Alan & Sue Gattis

Randy Brewer – Parham Road Baptist – Bryan Lane & Mark Lawson

Hunter Kirk – PCC-Midlothian – Peggy Tucker

David Poulsen – The Heights Baptist – Nancy Paulsen

Shayne Estes – Central UMC – Mark Rooks

O J Johnson – PCC-Midlothian – Peggy Tucker

Art Porter – Grace Christian Church – Lydia Lamm

Lew Turner – Waypoint Church – Alan & Sue Gattis

Life Mashumba – Jesus Outreach Ministries – Alan & Sue Gattis

Kabelo Mashumba – Jesus Outreach Ministries – Alan & Sue Gattis

R-136 (Women’s): Oct. 6-9, 2022
R-137 (Men’s): March 9-12, 2023
R-138 (Women’s): March 23-26, 2023

Application forms to sponsor Pilgrims and to serve on Conference Room (Inside) Teams for these Walks are available here. Additional details will be announced.

You must attend Fourth-Day training BEFORE you can sponsor a pilgrim or serve on a Conference Room Team.

Our Next Fourth-Day Training:  November 12th at 4:30pm at Bon Air UMC.

To look up past community members that have teamed or given talks, click here.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and kindle in us the fire of Your Love. Send forth Your Spirit and we shall be created and You shall renew the face of the earth.

O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by that same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, through Christ our Lord. Amen

Easy Agape Ideas

Looking for some quick and inexpensive ideas for agape items? Look no further than this list, compiled by David Jones!  Agape Ideas

Thinking of Sponsoring a Pilgrim?

Things to consider in sponsoring a Pilgrim… Sponsors’ Checklist

What to Share with Prospective Pilgrims? – Click Here

Sponsor Agape Letter Sample – Click Here