Team Application

A word to the prospective “Inside Team” member:

Many of us would like to serve on an Emmaus Talk Room (or “Inside”) Team, and it is a wonderful experience. However, there are some aspects that you should consider beforehand.

First, the Team Selection Committee earnestly tries to afford everyone a turn, but it must work within certain guidelines:

  • An inside team needs built-in experience … about two-thirds of the members should have served at least once before; key leaders, more than once.
  • We strive not to have too many members from the same church on any one team.
  • An application is considered “received” on the date of receipt by the Team Selection Committee. (For those currently serving on an inside team, on the date of the next Gathering following the current weekend of service.)

Second, except for the Spiritual Directors, Weekend Lay Director and Assistant, Music Directors, Head Servant and Assistant Head Servants, team members are not selected for specific jobs and no one can promise you a particular role. You must be willing to serve in whatever capacity needed.

Third, accepting a team assignment means committing to be available for the Walk — and for every team meeting and training event before and after. Your availability and sacrifice of time really is the “job requirement.”

Fourth, serving on an inside team involves work. Team members are the first up in the morning and last to bed at night — working under pressure is routine. Everyone on the team must carry his or her full load and be ready to help someone else when the unexpected happens … and it always does.

Finally, every team member must be ready, willing and able to share his or her faith with others during the weekend, literally at any time.

Just as a Walk to Emmaus is not for everyone in our churches, serving on a Talk Room Team is not for everyone who has walked. But if, after praying about it, your decision is “Yes,” please complete this application form — be sure to fill in “none” or “n/a” in any field that does not apply.

Online Application

InsideTeamApp2018 (to print and mail)