Outside Team Application

First, a word to the prospective “Outside Team” member:

Many of us would like to serve an Emmaus weekend, and it is a wonderful experience. However, there are some things you must consider beforehand:

  • First, not everyone can be selected to serve on a Talk Room Team.  The Team Selection Committee earnestly tries to afford everyone a turn, but it must observe certain guidelines in forming a team.
  • Second, those who accept a team assignment must commit to be available for the Walk — and for every team meeting and training event before and after that weekend. Life, family and work demands may preclude such devotion over a three-month span — and that’s OK!
  • Finally, the physical and mental demands of teaming are real. And every team member must be willing and able to share his or her faith with others during the weekend — this may be daunting to someone who is inexperienced in public witness.

Serving on a Talk Room Team is not for everyone — BUT there are many other “behind-the-scenes” activities that you can do such as preparing agape, keeping the Talk Room Team supplied with snacks for the pilgrims, and helping with the preparations for Candlelight and Closing. Such servants are unheralded and unknown during the weekend — but the Walk could not happen without them!

If you’d like to serve the Richmond Emmaus Community in this vital way, please complete this application form — be sure to enter “none” or “n/a” in all fields that do not apply.

Online Application

Outside Team Application (to print and mail)