Clergy Application

The Head Spiritual Director (HSD) is the primary spiritual leader of the Emmaus/Chrysalis weekend event. The HSD is selected by the Board of Directors, with the recommendation of the Emmaus/Chrysalis Community Spiritual Director, and is responsible to the Board as the spiritual leader of the event. As is true of the Weekend Lay Director, the HSD must have sufficient experience, training, and ability to fulfill this role.

Assistant Spiritual Directors (SDs) are selected by the Team Selection Committee and the Community Spiritual Director. These clergy members assist the Head Spiritual Director during the Emmaus/Chrysalis weekend event.

If, after prayerful consideration, you are called to serve the spiritual needs of a Walk to Emmaus or Chrysalis Flight, please submit the following application — be sure to enter “none” or “n/a” in all fields that do not apply.

Online Application

Clergy Application (to print and mail)