Prayers for Bryan Lane’s Family

Please keep Brian Lane and his family in your thoughts and prayers as his father passed on February 26th after a long battle with cancer. Please lift up the family during this difficult time. Arrangements are below:

Woody’s Funeral Home

1771 North Parham Road

Richmond, VA 23229

Viewing: Monday, 3/2/20     2-4 pm & 6-8 pm

Service: Tuesday, 3/3/20     11:00 am

Processional: Greenwood Memorial Garden     (Mausoleum to the left of the pond)

                         12609 Patterson Avenue

                          Richmond, VA   23238


A Message from Mark Rooks

Message from Mark Rooks – freakaboutsafety@gmail.com – Gmail

Dear Richmond Emmaus Community…

Thanks for all you do to make the ministry of Richmond Emmaus effective.  As you know the purpose of the Walk to Emmaus is to renew the Church through development of leaders and renewal of Christians as faithful, committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

Through the experience of the weekend and the ongoing 4th Day activities, individuals grow in their walk with God. 

For this to occur, men and women first participate in the weekend event.  
Our Community currently has two weekends upcoming:  
R134 (Women) scheduled for March 5-8 R135 (Men) scheduled for March 19-22.  Please be in prayer for the teams, pilgrims and weekend events.

Currently there are 23 women confirmed to attend R134.  For R135 there are only 13 men confirmed to attend.  The minimum number required in order to hold a weekend is 20 and the maximum is 36.  For many years our weekends were not only filled with 36 pilgrims, but there was a waiting list participate.

In recent years two trends have been occurring: 
1—Individual team members have had to take on a greater responsibility of finding pilgrims in order for the weekend to take place, and…
2—As a community, we have struggled to reach the minimum number of pilgrims for each weekend.  

This is where your help is urgently needed.
We are less than 2 weeks away from the women’s weekend and four weeks from the men’s weekend.  While there are enough women to hold the weekend, more are welcome.  For the men things are more critical.  It is absolutely imperative that we reach at least 20, but preferably 25-30 men to hold the weekend on March 19-22!!!

There are over 60 men and women giving of their time, and talents to serve on these two teams.  They have both been meeting every Friday evening for several weeks to prepare.  They are completely focused on their tasks as team members.  Now it is the responsibility of the Community to do the work of praying, discerning and asking good candidates to Walk to Emmaus in March.

Who are ideal candidates for a WTE? 
-Are members of a local church-NOT in between churches
-Have a desire to strengthen their spiritual lives
-May have unanswered questions about their faith
-Understand that being a Christian involves responsibility
-Are willing to dedicate their everyday lives to God in an ongoing manner -Active and involved church leaders are often excellent candidates for WTE!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE act on this today.  First pray, then listen to who God is leading you to speak with about joining a Walk in March.  Thank you.
Grace upon grace.

Rev. Mark Rooks
Community Spiritual Director

Reunion Group Request

Fellow Community Members, 

The Board is working on a “grassroots campaign” to increase involvement in 4th Day activities, especially 4th Day Training and Reunion Groups. To ensure every newly minted community member (i.e., pilgrim) has access to a Reunion Group, we are considering a church/regional model for getting people plugged in to Groups. 

Consequently, we need a complete list of Reunion Groups in the Richmond Emmaus community. If you are part of a Group, please email me (seholt44@gmail.com) with the following information:

        1) Time and Day of the Week
        2) Location
        3) Leader’s Contact Information

With this church/regional model, we hope to reduce any geographical constraints to getting involved in 4th Day activities in the Richmond Emmaus Community.



Prayer Request

Prayers are needed for Jessica Hood-Dedmon and family.   Jessica was involved in a car accident this morning 3 blocks from her house. She was taken by ambulance to Johnston-Willis Hospital to be checked out. Besides being sore and banged up from the accident, they found that she has a fracture in the L1 vertebrae and are awaiting MRI results to confirm how serious the fracture is. This is especially hard since Jessica and Cody have a 14 month old son, Deklan, who can’t spend any time with his mom for the next few days.

Please pray for healing and comfort for Jessica, Cody, Deklan and the family.


Southside Emmaus Invite

Good Morning Community Members,

As we look to shine our community light in 2020, please see the invitation below we received from our sister community Southside Emmaus.   If you are available to attend please do.

We will be sharing joint opportunities for gathering and candlelight in 2020.

I would like to invite the Richmond Emmaus Community to the Southside Emmaus Gathering on Saturday, Feb. 15th at 6PM at Crenshaw United Methodist Church in Blackstone.  Please bring a covered dish to share.

De Colores!
Keith Ellis