This is the place to look for past and upcoming Walk information. We’ll be updating the Master Schedule as Walks are completed.

Hover your mouse cursor over the page tab to see a link to Past Walks; then hover over that to see links link to specific Walk rosters and photos. Currently, we have rosters from Walks 54, 56, 61, 67, 69, 72, and most rosters from Walk 75 on… did you walk on another? Please send us a copy of your roster for the Archive — and your Walk’s “portrait” photo, too, if you have that! E-mail admin@richmondemmaus.com with your information — thanks!

Past Walks

Richmond Walks – 1-111

R-112 Pilgrims and Team

R-113 Pilgrims & Team

R-114 Pilgrims & Team

R-115 Pilgrims & Team


Easy Agape Ideas

Looking for some quick and inexpensive ideas for agape items? Look no further than this list, compiled by David Jones!  Agape Ideas


Thinking of Sponsoring a Pilgrim?

Things to consider in sponsoring a Pilgrim… Sponsors’ Checklist

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