SHARE the Date: Richmond Emmaus Homecoming – Saturday, Sep 14!

Richmond Emmaus Community,

Please join us for our Homecoming Celebration as we celebrate 30 years of sharing God’s Love in the Richmond, Virginia area. There will be Food, Live Music, and Fun for all ages. At 6pm we will have a Mini-Gathering.

Date: Sept. 14th
Time: 4pm – 7pm
Location: Bethia UMC – 10700 Winterpock Road, Chesterfield
Please RSVP to robandabby1978@gmail.com

Thank you and God Bless!
Rob Heare



Meal Agape for Fall Teams

Our upcoming cadres are busy preparing for the fall walks! They will begin teaming soon.  As a reminder, there’s an easy way you can help our wonderful community … providing meal agape for our upcoming teams. With everything each team member has to do to prepare for a weekend, providing food for each teaming can be difficult. Here’s where YOU come in!

You may have no idea what a blessing it is for the teams to have dinner provided for them during teaming. As you know, we have 2 teams who start teaming in August for the October walks. Here’s your chance to provide agape to them!

R132 (Women’s walk) will be teaming on Friday nights, starting Aug 2 thru Oct 4, at Walmsley Blvd UMC (2950 Walmsley Blvd, Richmond, VA 23234) — approximately 27 team members.

R133 (Men’s walk) will be teaming on Friday nights, starting Aug 2 thru Oct 11, at Matoaca Christian Fellowship (7700 River Road, S. Chesterfield, VA 23803) — approximately 30 team members.

How can you help? Sign up on one of the attached links (providing your name and email) — either grab a friend or 2 (or more) to help and add their names, or sign up yourself and others can join you to help. This is a great opportunity for your Reunion Group or your table to help in a different way! Provide and deliver a meal of anything you wish: homemade, store-bought, crock-pot, fast food, whatever! The one thing I ask is that everything (or as much as possible) be in disposable containers to minimize cleanup for the team.

Food needs to be dropped off at the respective church around 5:30pm-5:45pm so they can begin dinner promptly at 6pm. (NOTE: the teams will take care of their own drinks and paper products.)

The link to the women’s team dinner sign up can be found by clicking here.

The link to the men’s team dinner sign up can be found by clicking here.

Questions? Just let me know! I’m hoping to have each meal covered for each team. Won’t you please help?!

Men’s Team — all weeks are covered
except for Aug 16 and Sept 6. Folks are welcome to sign up for either of these dates. Women’s Team — all weeks are covered except for Sept 13 and Sept 27. Folks are welcome to sign up for either of these dates.
I know you can help these teams out. Please fill these spaces by clicking on the appropriate link and filling in the information. It will bless the teams, and it will bless you. Thanks!

De Colores / Fly With Christ!
Carole Mitchell, R84


Prayer Request for Robbie Passaro

From Debbie Katz:
“We need some prayer here: my son Robbie Passaro broke his leg in two places about two weeks ago! He has some pain, which is odd because he has no feelings in his legs! Robbie was on Walk #17.”


Community Lay Director’s Message for August

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.”

This message from that wise character in literature, Winnie the Pooh, arrived on a card I received recently from a friend. It sounds similar to what many of us have said about our Emmaus weekends: “It was one of the nicest gifts I have been given.” A simple small thing, a gift we can give to someone, can end up having a huge impact. The impact can be great to the person receiving the gift — and it can be huge to the people who meet each other, by building new Christian friendships; and to us, as new friends join the life of our community.

With whom in your life can you share the gift of The Walk to Emmaus? Welcome those people on this journey with a simple small thing that can take up a huge space in their hearts. Give the gift of Emmaus — sponsor a friend!

Susie Stough, CLD

Our next Gathering is this Saturday, August 10, at Bethia UMC on Winterpock Rd in North Chesterfield. It begins at 6:00 PM with a pot-luck fellowship meal, followed by worship at 6:30. Childcare is provided by Bethia’s Safe Sanctuaries-certified staff.



Who Is A Good Candidate to Participate in a Walk to Emmaus?

This guidance was adapted from Pastor Mark Rooks’ comments during May’s Fourth Day training. It is commended to ALL members of the Richmond Emmaus Community.

The Walk to Emmaus is open to members of any Christian denomination. However, it is intended for the development of Christian leaders. Consider the ideal candidates for a Walk to Emmaus:

  1. They are members of a local church … people who are engaged, active, serving, and worshiping. Here are some examples of those who may not be ready to attend:
    • “I’m in-between churches right now.”
    • “I’m currently shopping for a new church.”
    • “My church has a lot of problems and I’m thinking of leaving.”
  2. They have a desire to strengthen their spiritual lives … they are growing Christians who may already be participating in piety, study and Christian action.
  3. They may have unanswered questions about their faith; they may even be wrestling with their faith — a “doubting Thomas” … but they want to learn and grow in their faith.
  4. ,They understand that being a Christian involves responsibility … they are already serving in some capacity.
  5. They are willing to dedicate their everyday lives to God in an ongoing manner … they are people for whom faith is their lifestyle.

Those who typically are less-than-ideal candidates at the moment:

  • The unchurched, de-churched, and non-Christians — the Walk to Emmaus is NOT designed to be an evangelistic vehicle.
  • Those who may be going through significant life events (i.e., divorce, job loss, financial crisis, the death of a loved one).
  • Those who have an ax to grind regarding the Church.
  • Those who just aren’t spiritually ready, for any reason.

Pray for each of these and allow God time to work in them.

De Colores!
Rev. Mark Rooks, Community Spiritual Director


Calling all Community members: Request for Walk Information


2019 Schedule for Richmond Emmaus Gatherings

2019 Richmond Emmaus Gatherings will be held as follows (weather permitting):

Saturday, Feb 9th
Saturday, Mar 9th
Saturday, Apr 13th
Saturday, May 11th
Saturday, Jun 8th
Saturday, Jul 13th
Saturday, Aug 10th
Saturday, Sep 14th
Saturday, Oct 12th
Saturday, Nov 9th
Saturday, Dec 14th

Gatherings are held at Bethia UMC in North Chesterfield, opening with covered-dish fellowship at 6:00 pm; Praise and Worship follow at 6:30 pm.

Childcare is provided by Bethia’s Safe Sanctuaries-certified staff.