Logistics for Richmond Walks R-127 and R-128

The Richard Bland College campus can be reached from I-95 or I-85. The campus address is 11301 Johnson Road, South Prince George, VA 23805.

Campus Map

Thursday, March 15:

  • Drop-off will be in Patriot Hall (#2 on the map) at 6:45 PM; more details will be given during Sponsor’s Hour.
  • Send-off will be in the Cafeteria (#5 on the map)

Saturday, March 17:

  • Place-mat signing will be in the Cafeteria at 7:30 PM
  • Candlelight will be held on the opposite side of the Cafeteria (Library – #6 on the map)

Sunday, March 18:

  • Closing will be held in the Gym (the number is covered up on the map by “GYM”) at 4:00 PM

Signs will help direct Community members. It is likely that RBC police will help direct traffic as well.


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