CLD Message: The Month of Love

Hearts, streamers, valentines and candy everywhere we look … February is considered the month of love.

And isn’t true love, the love of God through Jesus, so much more? What our society’s version of love doesn’t show us is the depth of true love. God loves us. He loves us truly, deeply, madly. There is nothing God wants more than to be in relationship with us. When we are in our deepest despair, He never leaves us. When we are at our happiest moments, God is in the midst of us. When we are going about our lives, seemingly facing the days on our own, He is surrounding us.

Someone gave me a written reminder on paper when I was preparing to give a talk on an Emmaus weekend that said “God is here in the room with you.” I had that note with me for months, reminding me every day that God’s Love is in every place and space where I go. Eventually that paper was worn out and gone, but the message continues.

This month of love I share with you, “God is here in the room with you.” And I am grateful that He has welcomed us into His World, His Space, His Heart. Everything that we have came from the depth of God’s Love. And it is ours to share.

Share with a friend a love scripture that speaks to your heart — write it on a piece of paper and pass it on! Someone you know needs that love message from you today.

Gratefully and with Love,
Susie Stough

* * * *

Join us at Bethia UMC on Winterpock Rd., Chesterfield this Saturday, February 9, for a great opportunity to share this love! We will gather at 6:00 pm for a covered-dish fellowship meal, followed by music and worship.  Childcare will be provided by Bethia’s Safe Sanctuaries-approved staff.


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