Fourth Day Training and Gathering — Saturday, 10/14

De Colores, Everyone!

I tell you, time sure flies! I can’t hardly believe it’s fall already! Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons — mainly the leaves changing colors and the cooler temperatures. As God blesses us with a new season, I pray you see Him in all of His Glory! This time is truly a time of revival in so many ways! Please ponder this word in your heart: REVIVAL.

I ask that you invite your family, friends and reunion groups to come out this Saturday to our Gathering at Bethia UMC on Winterpock Rd. We begin at 6 p.m. with a covered-dish fellowship meal. Maybe there is someone who you haven’t seen in a while? I encourage you to take the time to call them and invite them.

As you know already, this Gathering is very special! I’m so excited that we get to introduce two groups of amazing new Community members — the Men of Richmond 125 and the Ladies of Richmond 126 — along with the 2 wonderful teams that served them! You’ll get to hear some beautiful testimonies and some awesome weekend songs! What could be better? How about some incredible praise and worship and some wonderful Christian fellowship?

Childcare is provided by Bethia’s Safe Sanctuaries-approved staff, so come out and be filled! Come out and show your love and support! Let’s celebrate together what the Lord has done!

Abundant Blessings,


Don’t forget — 4th Day training will be at held 3:30 PM in Bethia’s Room 103! You must complete Fourth Day training to sponsor a pilgrim or to serve on an Inside Team.


A “Cook’s Tour” of the Richmond Emmaus website

Here is a quick guide to the Richmond Emmaus Community’s website:

  • About Emmaus — Here you’ll find information on the worldwide Emmaus movement, this year’s Community leadership and governing Board, and guiding policies for the Community.
  • News — Updates are posted on the Bulletin Board page.
  • Calendar — This is a month-view of scheduled events such as Walks and Gatherings and the daily prayer. (This information is also available via the Calendar-at-a-Glance tool.)
  • Forms — Here are application forms for pilgrims/sponsors and teaming, as well as a Background Check Authorization form for those who will team for Chrysalis flights.
  • Walks — Here is information on upcoming Walks and Fourth Day Training, as well as rosters and photos (where available) for previous Walks.
  • Reunion Groups — This is a listing of current RVA reunion tables, grouped geographically.
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If you have suggestions or concerns about the website, please contact Bryan Lane, our Community Lay Director (lane676@aol.com); or myself, at admin@richmondemmaus.com.

De Colores!

Rick Riemer


REMINDER: 2018 Walk Dates

The ILC and Richmond Emmaus have scheduled the following dates for 2018 Walks:

Men’s R-127 and Women’s R-128:  March 15-18
Men’s R-129 and Women’s R-130:  September 6-9

Further details will be announced as we approach the Walk dates. You can go to http://richmondemmaus.com/forms/ to download Pilgrim/Sponsor applications, or to submit Teaming and Clergy Teaming applications online.


Available WebEx Clergy Training

The following dates for Clergy Training meet the Clergy Criteria Training required for all who are serving as Community Spiritual Directors and Weekend Spiritual Directors. It is also highly recommended for those who would be considered in these roles in the future, for those who may need a refresher, and for any laity who may want to know about the roles and responsibilities of the community and weekend clergy roles and the theology presented on the events. Community Board Members and future Weekend Lay Directors have found this training to be very helpful as well.
(0.4) CEUs are offered to clergy for the 4 hour WebEx sessions and (0.6) CEUs are offered for the all day Leadership Development Events that include the 4 hour Clergy Training and the Clergy/Laity Partnership session.
I have the following Clergy Training WebEx sessions scheduled (only one is required):
  • Friday, October 6th, 1-5pm
  • Friday, November 3rd, 1-5pm
Each participant will need a computer, laptop or smart phone to access the WebEx. Headphones or ear-buds with a microphone are recommended to avoid sound feedback.

Participants need to email me at pastortina@aol.com 1) their name, 2) community name, 3) email address to which to send the WebEx invitation, 4) whether they are clergy or laity, and 5) a phone number where the participant can be reached during the WebEx, if need arises. I will send the invitations to them by email prior to the WebEx via admin@webex.com. I will also send the handouts as an attachment to an email a few days prior to the WebEx.

Because limited spaces are available for each of these, I ask that only those who are committed to participating sign up. If these dates and times are not convenient for those who need and want this training, please email me with suggested dates and times.
Thanks for your faithfulness to God and to the 4th Day of Emmaus Ministries. If you would like to reach out to me with your questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
God Bless,
Pastor Tina Whaley
Northeast Region Clergy Leader
The Upper Room Emmaus Ministries

Teaming opportunities for Spring 2018 Walks!



REMINDER: How to connect with Richmond Emmaus Walks

  1. Under the News tab, walk dates, prayer lists, etc. are published and updated on the Bulletin Board page. Events such as Fourth Day training are published and updated under the Walks tab, on the Upcoming Walks & Fourth Day Training page.
  2. Want to sponsor a pilgrim? Go to the Forms tab, click the link to the Pilgrim/Sponsor Application, print it and complete both sides of the forms, and mail it as indicated on the form. You will be contacted when your application is received.
  3. Want to serve on a Talk Room (inside) Team or an Outside Servants’ Team? Go to the Forms tab, click the link to the desired application form, complete it, then click Submit to send it electronically. You will be contacted when your application is received.
  4. Come to the monthly Gatherings to catch up on fellowship and late-breaking news!

Online signup for Prayer Vigils

Did you know that you can sign up online for the Prayer Vigil for a Walk? Just go to http://www.3dayol.org/Vigil/GetComm.phtml for a worldwide listing of Walks!

The next Walk weekend for the Richmond Emmaus Community will be 14-17 September (Men’s R-125 and Women’s R-126). To sign up for the Prayer Vigils for those Walks, just click here:  http://www.3dayol.org/Vigil/GetVigil.phtml?pvid=13732&commid=592.

De Colores!



A suggestion from ‘Hoop’ re: Praying for Walks

I have the following request that will be of great help when praying for each of the walks. Please put the following Prayer Lists on the website:

Team Prayer List – to include NAME – TEAMING POSITION – TALKS
Pilgrim Prayer List – to include NAME – CHURCH – SPONSORS

This would be a great help while praying for the Walks, and for individuals involved by name.

Thanks and Many Blessings for Emmaus,

* * *

To which the Webmaster humbly says, “Amen.”  Head Servants / AWLDs, I will gladly post this information for your Walks as quickly as I can get it.

De Colores,