REMINDER: Meal Agape Opportunities for Upcoming Walk Teams!

Our upcoming Team cadres are preparing for their Spring Walks! As a reminder, there’s an easy way you can help our wonderful Community: providing meal agape for our upcoming teams. With everything else each team member has to do to prepare for a weekend, providing food during each teaming can be difficult. Here’s where YOU come in! This is your chance to provide agape to them:

  • Women’s Walk R-130 — on Friday nights, January 4 thru March 8, at Cornerstone Christian Church (9400 Gayton Road, Henrico 23229), approximately 27 team members.
  • Men’s Walk R-131 — on Friday nights, January 11 thru March 15, at Parham Road Baptist Church (2101 N. Parham Road, Henrico 23229), approximately 31 team members.

How can you help? Sign up on one of the attached links (providing your name and email) … grab a friend or 2 (or more) to help (and add their names), or sign up yourself and others can join to help.

This is a great opportunity for your reunion group or your table to help in a different way! Provide and deliver a meal of anything you wish — homemade, store-bought, crock-pot, fast food, whatever! The key is that everything (or as much as possible) must be in disposable containers to minimize cleanup. The food needs to be dropped off at the respective church around 5:30–5:45 pm so that dinner can begin promptly at 6:00. (NOTE: the teams will take care of their own drinks and paper products.)

The link to the Women’s dinner sign-up can be found by clicking here.
The link to the Men’s dinner sign-up can be found by clicking here.

Questions? Just let me know! I’m hoping to have each meal covered for each team. Won’t you please help????

Happy New Year to everyone!

De Colores! / Fly With Christ!
Carole Mitchell, R-84



A Message from CLD Susie Stough

Greetings and Happy New Year, Richmond Emmaus Family!

It is a shiny new year with glitter and sparkles and all the excitement of New Year’s Eve. It is also time for our Community to SHINE! We each have so many talents and gifts to share — let’s think about how to share our gift of the Walk to Emmaus with people in our life’s journey.

I read recently read that 48% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions … and only 8% keep them. This is the time for EACH of us to make and keep the resolution to commit to PRAYER, SHARE and CARE:

  • PRAYER for our Community, for each other, for our Emmaus friends we haven’t seen in a while, for our teams, and for upcoming Walks;
  • SHARE with our friends what our Walk to Emmaus meant to us and how this event has changed our lives; and
  • CARE enough to invite those people to participate. Sponsor a friend! Applications are online and can be submitted online or through the mail. If you need help with sponsorship fees, contact me or anyone on the Board and we will help you make this happen!

Let’s commit to provide love to our teams and to the pilgrims. Bed agape for the weekend … little reminders of love. The Prayer Wheel for the weekends … what an awesome way to participate. Let’s have so many people commit to pray that we have two names on each prayer slot! Commit to attend at least one of the Emmaus Weekend activities: Sponsor’s Hour on Thursday evening, Candlelight and Worship on Saturday evening, and Closing on Sunday afternoon.

For monthly Gatherings, we are so blessed to have Bethia UMC welcome us! We have a great need for every person who attends to choose a month to help set up and clean up. We have had several of our Bethia community members back in the kitchen for most of our Gatherings month after month. Please SHARE by signing up to be a kitchen helper once or twice a year, so that our hosting friends can have a break regularly from spending time in the kitchen. We will talk about this at Gathering. Share your ideas on how we can make this happen!! Your input could make a difference.

You are invited to join us for a potluck dinner at Bethia UMC this Saturday, January 12, at 6:00 pm, followed by Praise and Worship at 6:30. Call an Emmaus friend you haven’t seen in a while and invite him/her along!! We’d love to welcome our friends and family back. Child care will be provided by Bethia’s Safe Sanctuaries-approved staff.

You can SHARE your talents and time by serving on an Outside or Inside Team. YOU are welcome and are needed! CARE and SHARE by starting or joining a Reunion Group or a small group of praying friends. Together we can support each other through the adventures of life.

Do you have other ideas? Do you have questions? Reach out — I would love to have conversations about all of these topics.

This is OUR YEAR TO SHINE in the Richmond Emmaus Community!

Gratefully and with Love,

Susie Stough
Community Lay Director
Email: sing4joy2day@gmail.com
Phone: (804) 677-6966


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